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With the rising number of network hackings, there is a need to secure your home or business network from malicious hackers. The reason why these network signals are vulnerable to unauthorized users is that the Wi-Fi signals go beyond the borders of your home or office. However, the good news is that you can secure your WI-FI network from illegal access through some of the way listed below;

  • Use a Secure WPA Password

Once you go live into a Wi-Fi network, ensure that you get a long password that’s unpredictable by hackers. Also, most hackers tend to hack into Wi-Fi networks using the default username and password of the net. To close this loophole, you should always ensure that you change the default login details into your system once you get connected. Once you have set a password, ensure that you gauge its security with the cloud cracker service. This program allows you to make an attempt of extracting your password just as any other hacker would do by using some of your data.

  • Provide a Separate Guest Network

If you intend to provide a connection to guests visiting your business premises or home, it is recommended to have a separate guest network for them. This is important to ensure that you don’t expose your personal system to malware that could make it vulnerable to hackers. Moreover, you can include a WAP password on the guest network and provide the password to the guests whenever they need. Other than securing the system, this will also enable you to limit the number of individuals using the web by changing the password once in a while.

  • Detect Rogue Network

Sometimes you will find that there is some rogue access into your network, which might have resulted from some extra Wi-Fi access points from employees in an attempt of achieving a stronger signal. Another case where a rogue network might be within your business premise is whereby there is an attempt of a hacker to connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you want to determine if there could be a rogue connected to your network, you can use the Vistumbler software. This is a wireless network scanner that allows you to detect any network signal from a rogue system.

  • Get a Firewall

Firewalls, in this case, are a wall of protection designed to protect the Wi-Fi network against external attacks. Most of the routers that you get from your service providers already have the firewall protection. Basically, what they do is to detect any suspicious activity within your network and have it blocked immediately. When the firewall software isn’t sure about a particular action in your network, it will always let you know then you can determine whether to have it blocked or not.


If you are looking for a Wi-Fi signal for home or office, you now know the measures you will put in place to ensure that the network is safe from mischievous hackers. It is also important to note some companies still offer the old WEP network protection, which is quite vulnerable to hackers. With this, always ensure that you have the current WPA Wi-Fi signal protection that is quite effective.

How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

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