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With the advanced technology inventions in the recent past, there has been a rise in hacking into computers and cell phones. Some of the ways intruders acquire your private information may be through weak passwords that are easy to remember or by tracking your browsing history and IP address as well. With this, there comes a need to have computer security software for the safety of your crucial information. Well, computer security software is a program meant to provide information security. There are some computer security software that you could use to keep your information secure.


Norton Security Premium


The Norton security premium is among the top computer security software. It enables you to secure your personal information and passwords for all your sites. This is made possible through your personal Sudo Virtual profile from which you can securely send and receive emails as well as make calls. With Norton security premium, you can use your personal information on airports, cafes, and hotels without exposing it to anyone. Wholesomely, this software blocks both the Mac and Windows malware threats.


Kaspersky Total Security


Kaspersky total security has the capability of blocking up to 15 categories of content and is especially important in ensuring that your children do not get into inappropriate sites.  Other than being efficient in parental care, Kaspersky has been tested and proved to have the capability of blocking 98% of malware intrusions on Windows. Moreover, the software provides 100% efficiency in blocking malware in Mac Machines. Take note that having the Kaspersky protection software can be a bit costly if you require one or two user licenses. Luckily, there are also discounted rates if you purchase more than three user licenses.

McAfee Total Protection


The McAfee total protection software is majorly used in cryptocurrency threats protection. Basically, it monitors your accounts and ensures no malware succeeds in hacking in. This computer security software also provides an in-browser notification anytime you are about to visit an unsafe website or the moment you are downloading a virus. This will also apply if you are using the Microsoft edge browser, which rarely works with the other computer protection programs. Furthermore, the software provides protection for both Mac computers. It also provides security with iOS and Android cell phones. Besides, MacAfee total protection is useful to parents because it comes with several parental controls to ensure that parents can restrict what their children can view on the internet.


Trend Micro Maximum Security


Your personal or vital company files can be exposed to hackers if they are not well secured. However, the trend micro maximum security comes with wholesome protection for your crucial data from viruses or malicious hackers. On top of the security program, you are provided with a 25GB online backup storage. With this storage, you can store important pictures and documents to stay safe in instances of external malicious attacks.




One of the ways you can ensure that your essential information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands is not sharing it with anyone. You can also consider using a separate email on your social media page other than your personal one.

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