Limo Booking Software

Written by Philip Hall

There are several ways to keep your limo rental business booming. One such way is having Limo booking software. This software allows you to run the business flawlessly by providing a pretty convenient platform for your customers to make their bookings. Not only does this limo software provide convenience to the customer, but it also allows the owner to provide as many renting options as they can.

If you already have an existing website for the limo rental business, you are almost good to go! All you need is the software configured into the site and begin to get bookings right from your website. More reasons as to why the limo booking software is an essential tool for your limo hire online business are highlighted below.


  • Multiple Options


From this software, you will be able to provide your clients with multiple limo options. With this, they can be able to find the particular one that will suit their needs effectively. One perk about this feature is that customers will always love to visit your website. They know that they will never miss the limo of their choice for all special occasions.


  • Customer Details Acquisition


With every booking that is done through the software, you acquire the customer details. This, in turn, allows you to form a database for your customers from which you can keep them posted about the exciting seasonal offers.

  • Stress –free Bookings


The limo booking software saves your clients the trouble of having to visit the booking office physically. How? The software allows them to make their bookings and payments without having to leave the comfort of their home or the office. Precisely, clients can make online payments for their bookings via Paypal or Authorixe.Net. Actually, it’s a three-step process that takes under five minutes. This includes; selecting their preferred limo, providing personal details, and paying for the booking.


  • Auto-responder Email


With the software, clients receive confirmation messages once they make a booking, when there is a cancellation and also when a payment is made. These messages are also sent to the administrators as well.

  • Impressive Design


This software comes in a colorful design and is compatible with almost all smartphone devices. With this, you can be sure to have most of your clients on board in regards to using the software.


  • Convenient Management


This software allows you to provide adequate descriptions to your customers in that they know exactly what they are paying for. On this, you indicate the number of passengers the limo carries. Besides, you also provide details for the extra services that come with it. This can also include the type of limo services that the limo rental company offers. For instance, airport transfers, night travels, and city to city transfers. Also, inclusive is the set price of each service available.




The limo booking software doesn’t have to remain as you purchased it from the developer. You can always modify it to your preferences with the developer license or pay up the developer to do the job for you.

Cell Phone Security Tips

Written by Philip Hall

Your cell phone holds most of your personal information even more than your computer. For this reason, you always need to have your phone security in place to ensure that your sensitive data can never be accessed without your consent. With the four-digit passcode, most of us have on our phones; we tend to leave our phone’s security at that which isn’t okay. Let’s explore some of the various tips we can use to keep our cell phone’s security top notch.


Anti-virus Installation


Even though the chances of downloading malware in your phone are quite rare, it is vital to have an anti-virus installed in your phone in a case where such instances arise. With iPhones, these threats are minimized by the App store regulation. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with the Android phones are much open to downloading corrupted applications. With this, always ensure that you have an anti-virus installed to keep your cell protected the moment you mistakenly download a virus into your phone.


Don’t Allow Apps from Unknown Sources


One thing that you should learn as you download apps that aren’t found in the Google play store is that you could be downloading a virus right into your phone. Some of the factors that could expose your phone to such applications are by rooting your phone or by jailbreaking it. This occurs because rooting or jailbreaking breaks down the phone’s OS whereby malicious code can easily have access to your phone. However, if your cell phone’s brand is the likes of Blackberry, iPhone or Microsoft you may not be prone to these effects because they have the capability of removing these kinds of apps before they are installed.

Screen Lock


With the current smartphones, you can set up a personalized pattern lock that you have to draw to access to the phone. While setting up a pattern, you should ensure that it’s something that cannot be cracked easily. However, don’t forget that it should be based on something memorable that you are not likely to forget. You can also engage passwords on applications that could be containing some sensitive information like the messaging app or the gallery. Additionally, you also need to have a SIM card lock password to make sure that anyone that steals your device won’t be able to use it on another phone.


Encrypt Sensitive Data


As much as a screen lock password will help in your cell phone security, it won’t be able to secure your personal information entirely. This is because any moment you remove the phone’s SD card, or it’s connected to a computer, the data can be accessed without the need for a password. In this case, you need to encrypt the data in your device’s storage in that particular code has to be keyed in for access to be granted.


Protect Bluetooth Access


Usually, we use the Bluetooth app to send and receive files, and we never take it as a significant security threat to our cell phones. On the contrary, hackers can be able to use Bluetooth to access your phone remotely. To avoid such instances, you should always ensure that you decline any pair up requests that aren’t recognized.

Computer Security Software

Written by Philip Hall

With the advanced technology inventions in the recent past, there has been a rise in hacking into computers and cell phones. Some of the ways intruders acquire your private information may be through weak passwords that are easy to remember or by tracking your browsing history and IP address as well. With this, there comes a need to have computer security software for the safety of your crucial information. Well, computer security software is a program meant to provide information security. There are some computer security software that you could use to keep your information secure.


Norton Security Premium


The Norton security premium is among the top computer security software. It enables you to secure your personal information and passwords for all your sites. This is made possible through your personal Sudo Virtual profile from which you can securely send and receive emails as well as make calls. With Norton security premium, you can use your personal information on airports, cafes, and hotels without exposing it to anyone. Wholesomely, this software blocks both the Mac and Windows malware threats.


Kaspersky Total Security


Kaspersky total security has the capability of blocking up to 15 categories of content and is especially important in ensuring that your children do not get into inappropriate sites.  Other than being efficient in parental care, Kaspersky has been tested and proved to have the capability of blocking 98% of malware intrusions on Windows. Moreover, the software provides 100% efficiency in blocking malware in Mac Machines. Take note that having the Kaspersky protection software can be a bit costly if you require one or two user licenses. Luckily, there are also discounted rates if you purchase more than three user licenses.

McAfee Total Protection


The McAfee total protection software is majorly used in cryptocurrency threats protection. Basically, it monitors your accounts and ensures no malware succeeds in hacking in. This computer security software also provides an in-browser notification anytime you are about to visit an unsafe website or the moment you are downloading a virus. This will also apply if you are using the Microsoft edge browser, which rarely works with the other computer protection programs. Furthermore, the software provides protection for both Mac computers. It also provides security with iOS and Android cell phones. Besides, MacAfee total protection is useful to parents because it comes with several parental controls to ensure that parents can restrict what their children can view on the internet.


Trend Micro Maximum Security


Your personal or vital company files can be exposed to hackers if they are not well secured. However, the trend micro maximum security comes with wholesome protection for your crucial data from viruses or malicious hackers. On top of the security program, you are provided with a 25GB online backup storage. With this storage, you can store important pictures and documents to stay safe in instances of external malicious attacks.




One of the ways you can ensure that your essential information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands is not sharing it with anyone. You can also consider using a separate email on your social media page other than your personal one.

Wi-Fi Home Security Camera Reviews

Written by Philip Hall

One of the ways you could foolproof your home’s security is by acquiring a Wi-Fi home security camera. With this, you will be able to monitor activities happening in and around the house as well as be able to identify the presence of any intruders. However, your home security will only be well taken care of by having the right Wi-Fi home security camera. For that reason, we bring you some of the Wi-Fi home security cameras that will enable you to make an informed choice the moment you go out looking for one.

  • Arlo Pro

Being a wireless camera, the Arlo Pro is among the most effective and preferred home security cameras. The camera works uninterrupted all the time and provides clear images in all lighting conditions. Other than this, the camera doesn’t need power cords during the quite easy installation process. Additionally, being weather resistant, this camera can be used for both indoor and outdoor monitoring needs. This camera is also designed with long-lasting rechargeable batteries. The only downside of this camera is that it is a bit costly because of the base station that has to be purchased separately.

  • Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan

To begin with, this home security camera works with 4GHz Wi-Fi networks and also provides a clear night vision. This night clear vision is obtained by the 6 IR LEDs that can distinguish 18 steps of grey while delivering clear images of up to 30 feet away. The camera is also able to record an instant 12second video whenever it discovers some motion within your home. Moreover, this incredible camera also works with Google assistant and Alexa. Therefore, you can orally instruct it to show you certain angles of your compound.

  • Ring Spotlight Cam

This ring spotlight cam is usually a great home security camera for outdoor purposes. Its installation is pretty easy and can be done anywhere around the home. Another significant advantage of this camera is that it features a rechargeable battery that allows its operation without necessarily being connected to a power source. There is also the power option whereby the security camera is charged directly by sunlight. Moreover, a built-in torch is also provided to keep away intruders. Another plus is that this particular camera also enables you to speak to your visitors whenever they visit your house in your absence.

  • Nest Cam

This is yet another high-end Wi-Fi home security camera that keeps you in-the-know on what’s happening in your home without fail. Majorly, this camera stands out in the audio delivery, image quality, and video quality. The only thing you will need to note is that you will need a monthly subscription to experience some of the Nest cam features. Additionally, through the nest app, you can see all the happenings within your home while at work. For instance, you will be able to see when your kids get home from school or when you have some visitor at home.

How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Written by Philip Hall

With the rising number of network hackings, there is a need to secure your home or business network from malicious hackers. The reason why these network signals are vulnerable to unauthorized users is that the Wi-Fi signals go beyond the borders of your home or office. However, the good news is that you can secure your WI-FI network from illegal access through some of the way listed below;

  • Use a Secure WPA Password

Once you go live into a Wi-Fi network, ensure that you get a long password that’s unpredictable by hackers. Also, most hackers tend to hack into Wi-Fi networks using the default username and password of the net. To close this loophole, you should always ensure that you change the default login details into your system once you get connected. Once you have set a password, ensure that you gauge its security with the cloud cracker service. This program allows you to make an attempt of extracting your password just as any other hacker would do by using some of your data.

  • Provide a Separate Guest Network

If you intend to provide a connection to guests visiting your business premises or home, it is recommended to have a separate guest network for them. This is important to ensure that you don’t expose your personal system to malware that could make it vulnerable to hackers. Moreover, you can include a WAP password on the guest network and provide the password to the guests whenever they need. Other than securing the system, this will also enable you to limit the number of individuals using the web by changing the password once in a while.

  • Detect Rogue Network

Sometimes you will find that there is some rogue access into your network, which might have resulted from some extra Wi-Fi access points from employees in an attempt of achieving a stronger signal. Another case where a rogue network might be within your business premise is whereby there is an attempt of a hacker to connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you want to determine if there could be a rogue connected to your network, you can use the Vistumbler software. This is a wireless network scanner that allows you to detect any network signal from a rogue system.

  • Get a Firewall

Firewalls, in this case, are a wall of protection designed to protect the Wi-Fi network against external attacks. Most of the routers that you get from your service providers already have the firewall protection. Basically, what they do is to detect any suspicious activity within your network and have it blocked immediately. When the firewall software isn’t sure about a particular action in your network, it will always let you know then you can determine whether to have it blocked or not.


If you are looking for a Wi-Fi signal for home or office, you now know the measures you will put in place to ensure that the network is safe from mischievous hackers. It is also important to note some companies still offer the old WEP network protection, which is quite vulnerable to hackers. With this, always ensure that you have the current WPA Wi-Fi signal protection that is quite effective.

An Overview on Moral Hacking

Does the phrase hacking alarm you? By the way it’s hacking but official hacking that’s benefiting us. On the off probability that that is your first article on hacking then undoubtedly you’re going to get some potential understanding on hacking within the wake of perusing this. My article provides a primary evaluation on ethical programmers.

The time period ethical programmer got here into floor within the late 1970s when the administration of United States of America employed gatherings of specialists referred to as ‘pink teams’ to hack its very personal tools and programming framework. Programmers are digital culprits or on-line PC offenders that coaching illicit hacking. They infiltrate into the safety association of a PC system to carry or focus information.

Innovation and net inspired the start and growth of system shades of malice like an infection, hostile to an infection, hacking and ethical hacking. Hacking is a routine with reference to change of a PC tools and programming framework. Illicit breaking of a PC framework is a legal offense. As of late a spurt in hacking of PC frameworks has opened up just a few seminars on ethical hacking.

A ‘white cap’ programmer is an moral programmer who runs entrance testing and interruption testing. Ethical hacking is lawfully hacking a PC framework and infiltrating into its database. It intends to anchor the escape clauses and breaks within the digital safety association of a corporation. Lawful hacking specialists are usually Licensed Moral Hackers who’re employed to maintain any potential threat to the PC safety framework or system. Programs for ethical hacking have turned out to be usually outstanding and lots of are taking it up as a real calling. Ethical hacking programs have accrued great reactions all over the place all through the world.

The moral hacking specialists run just a few tasks to anchor the system frameworks of organizations.

An moral programmer has official consent to rupture the product framework or the database of a corporation. The group that allows a check into its safety framework should give a lawful conform to the moral hacking college in composing.

Ethical programmers simply examine the safety problems with the group and intend to anchor the breaks within the framework.

The college of fine programmers runs defenselessness analysis to retouch provisos within the inward PC manage. They moreover run programming safety packages as a safety measure towards illegal hacking

Lawful hacking specialists acknowledge safety shortcoming in a framework which inspires the part for on-line digital offenders. They lead these checks for probably the most half to verify if the tools and programming packages are sufficiently profitable to maintain any unapproved part.

The moral specialists direct this check by repeating a digital assault on the system with the tip objective to see how strong it’s towards any system interruption.

The helplessness check should be executed on a regular basis or yearly. The group should maintain an exhaustive document of the discoveries and checking for additional reference in a while.